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10 rubles and 2 rubles Gagarin

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10 рублей 2001 Гагарин
10 roubles Gagarin
12 April 1961 on Board the spaceship "Vostok-1", the extracted carrier rocket "Vostok", made one revolution around the Earth, Yuri Gagarin, only in near-earth space he spent about a half hour. In 2001, the year marked the 40th anniversary of the first manned flight into space.308
For this event, the Bank of Russia issued two commemorative coins: 2 roubles and 10 roubles bimetallic. If jubilee dvuhrublevuyu already had mass production (series "hero Cities" of 2000), the dozen became the second (after the coin "55 years of Victory"). It is a portrait of Gagarin in the suit before the start, and 2 rubles Gagarin is depicted in Maori form (rank of major received upon arrival). On both is the inscription "12 APR 1961" and a facsimile signature of the first cosmonaut.

Varieties of coins

2 рубля 2001 Гагарин
2 rubles Gagarin
Both coins were minted at two mints – St. Petersburg and Moscow, therefore, exist in two versions – with a "SPMD" or "MMD", copies each of 20 million units (approximately 10 million in each yard). The flip side of the ten-sign of MMD is characterized by a reduced image, which the circular inscription is closer to the inner circle and part of the signature "ARIN" comes to him. Some newcomers to give it for rare form.

Among dvuhrublevuyu coins known the only variety of Saint-Petersburg mint and 11 varieties of Moscow, among which there is a coin even without a mark of "MMD". The other 10 differ only slightly the location of some elements, they are rarely needed, but may be of interest of fans of raznovid (the value of formal, actual sales is almost fixed). Two rubles with Gagarin unsigned valued ten times higher than usual with the sign. Marriage of production in which the mark was weak or completely neprocitana and intentionally deleted signs values are not any, and is easily recognized by collectors.

How much is it?

Among the collectors established fixed prices for many coins is not an exception and "Gagarin". A ten-dollar coin (no matter what the yard) in 2017 can be freely bought for 35 rubles, not much above face value. Dvuhrublevuyu coin will cost a bit more – about 50 rubles, despite having the same circulation. The difference in price may be related to the fact that large beautiful bimetallic tens a deposited in their collection immediately, as plain 2 ruble was allowed back into circulation. Thus, dvuhrublevuyu coins in the normal state was smaller. That is, in General prices are quite low, since the print run was huge.

Very different prices on demand, but very rare type 2 rubles Gagarin without the mint, this coin may be worth 10 thousand. And it is not no sign of marriage, and a special type of stamp. Apparently this is the first version, and just forgot to add. Marriage is also common, but it is valued not above 100-200 rubles. Beginner to distinguish marriage from varieties is unlikely, but an experienced collector will immediately catch the eyes of others the distinctive features of this species.

But why on the Internet you can find announcements of sale of such coins thousands and even tens of thousands of rubles? Consider the reasons in detail. The only thing I should add: no collector will buy it for big money that minted large quantities and available on the market in abundance.

A product of myths

The growth of interest in collecting and gathering has led to the fact that the unusual coins began to pay attention and those who just wanted easy and quick money. And indeed, when among a heap of trivia, suddenly find bimetallic ten, and even dedicated to the 40th anniversary of an important event, there is a sense of discovery of the hoard, and hence the coin just can't be cheap to collectors. Many are too lazy to look for information on websites, instead, they immediately put up for sale, each for the price at which willing to part with the "treasure".

Well, then everything is a snowball effect: seeing the ads at high prices, others raise prices even a little higher, though not immediately, but to sell the coin as much as possible. This activity makes no sense, because collectors don't grab everything, and carefully analyze the directories, real passes.

The second factor of the insane overpricing has given rise to some unscrupulous sites incorrect information. The reason for its occurrence is not clear, possible attempts were made to force prices up artificially for the marketing of their stocks, and perhaps the authors simply misread information about valuable varieties. Others are simply copied from the network that have seen and unknowingly increased the number of sites with false information.

Recently, fortunately, the greed goes out of the field of numismatics, such crazy prices in ads found less. None of the coin of modern Russia has been similarly intense burst of greed on the part not versed in numismatics. It is unclear why the wave of madness has swept the coin "55 years of Victory", which is now also hard to find in circulation, or, for example, 1 rouble Pushkin 1 rouble "10 years of the CIS" and others.

The value determined by the state

If in average condition (out of circulation) the market price holding for many years almost on the same level, despite the rampant boom collectibles, find coins in perfect condition (UNC) is becoming increasingly difficult. Here the prices are just rising, and the reason is simple: the number preserved in perfect condition of coins is constantly decreasing, they just become rare. For 2 rubles will have to pay 150-200 rubles, and 10 rubles – 450-500, and this will be the coins already covered with a natural patina. Until 2012, the prices were 2-3 times lower. The price increase applies only to coins not cleaned, shelled usually only lose in the price.

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