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The Moscow mint

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Московский монетный двор
The Moscow mint
In Moscow currently produces almost all the coins of the regular coinage for circulation, and half jubilee and commemorative coins, including from precious metals. In addition, they mint coins for foreign countries (e.g. commemorative coins of Abkhazia, of the coins of India and others), are individuals, are made state awards, tokens, badges, medals. Production is now concentrated in the building in 1982, and the date of the founding of the mint is considered to be 25 April 1942.


Буква М пна рублей 1992 года
The letter M on the ruble 1992
Coin production in Moscow is known since the time of Dmitry Donskoy but the first coinage was engaged in Deineki, mints did not exist. Under Ivan the terrible the main production goes to the state mints located in different parts of Moscow. Some of them quickly closed, some have worked for a long time, opened new. Production reached a peak under Peter I, when there were about a dozen mints. Minting continued until 1736, after which it was divided between St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg, and in the future, there are other mints throughout the country. The resumption of minting in Moscow, it was only when the remake of the old coins at the new lower or higher value in 1762 and 1790-ies. Some of the buildings of the mints survived to the present time.

The revival of the Moscow coinage took place in 1942 when one of the buildings of printing factory of Goznak was transferred equipment to produce state medals: "For bravery", "For military merit", "Red Star" "Patriotic war" II degree, "badge of Honor", "For labour valour" "For labour difference". Later I added the other orders and medals. 1942-1944 mint may have produced small quantities of nation-wide coins.

After the war, the plant received minting presses from Germany, creates a workshop of art moulding for the manufacture of consumer goods. But in the early 50-ies of the shop closed and converted into a restoration workshop to repair silver jewelry. In the years 1945-1965 were made details for the monetary printing presses, and perform other public contracts. Then actively develops production of ingots from precious metals with the change in the sample alloy. In 1957 begins the production of badges for mass circulation of aluminum and other Souvenirs.

Знак ММД 1997
Emblem MMD 1977-1997 years
The first coins began to mint only in 1975, it was gold and silver commemorative editions for the Olympics in 1980, the earliest of them dated to 1977. For the production of coins in proof finish (proof) from England and Germany, was delivered by special equipment, developed system of cleaning facilities, and established the production of special blanks and polished dies.

Issue small coins was delayed due to the lack of normal organization of production. The shop was located in various buildings, which were located far from each other. In 1968 began the development of the project of a new building, fully commissioned which was only 14 years old. And in 1983 started mass production, since the late 1980s, resumed the production of commemorative coins.

Знак ММД 1998
The emblem of MMD since 1998
In 1993 a large-scale modernization, after which managed to accelerate the production of coins. Since 1998, the factory is also engaged in watch production, the main production plant – gold wristwatch. Currently, the mint has modern equipment, allowing to produce up to 700 coins of the regular coinage in a minute. Issued jubilee and commemorative coins of precious metals by advanced technology, medals, badges and components for coin and medal production. For collectors made the annual coin sets.

With the transition to the issue of the coins with steel-based production for the treatment focuses mainly on Moscow mint and St. Petersburg, are almost exclusively commemorative coins.

The designation of the mint on the coins

Знак ММД 1993
The emblem on the coin 1993
For the first time the logo of the Moscow mint have appeared on the coins of precious metals minted for the Olympics in 1980, the same emblem is available on many commemorative coins of the late 80-ies and on coins of the first half of the 90s. It lasted unchanged until 1998, after which it was replaced by more simple for the best procchance on coins of mass production. The first editions 1, 2 and 5 rubles of 1997 also contain the old logo. The sign on the coins of the ruble and higher under the paw of the eagle.

Буква М на монете 1991
The letter M on the Soviet coin 1991
The only case when the logo forgot to put is 2 rubles Gagarin, but caught himself in time, and the main part of the circulation was already with her. Coins without marks are rare. But do not confuse maroccan, gaining momentum lately, with a variety. Missing the mark in most cases – a consequence of the clogging of the stamp or weak punch on the workpiece.

Буква М под копытом коня
The letter M on the coins since 1997
In 1990, the designation appears on the 10 cents in the form of the letter "M" to the right of the coat of arms, but such coins had a very limited release. In 1991, the letter was already on all the coins, and the edition without it is considered rare. Coins of a new sample of low value (10 and 50 cents) also received a letter of the above date, the same was in the 1 and 5 rubles 1992-1993. Since 1997, the letter is placed on the coins below 1 ruble under the hoofs of the horse (with the exception of 5 cents 2002 and 2003, some of them no designations).

Pictures of mint marks provided by users of the website: Nikolaevna, nikeanich.

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