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Saint Petersburg mint

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Санкт-Петербургский монетный двор
Saint Petersburg mint
The oldest mint in Russia, founded by Peter I in 1724. Also among the oldest existing enterprises. The volume of issue of coins takes the second place after Moscow, until recently, was producing half of all the coins of Russia. In 2014 completely switched to production of commemorative and jubilee coins, including from precious metals. Additionally produces badges, medals, medals, state awards, related products, does private commissions. For collectors since 1961, made annual coin sets improved coinage.

The mint is located in several buildings in the historic center of Saint Petersburg on hare island, occupies a large part of the fortress. During the great Patriotic war was evacuated to Krasnokamsk printing factory "goznaka".

When the mint is a shop, where the products of the enterprise, commemorative coins. Near the center of Goznak dedicated to the history of monetary economy of Russia.


Санкт-Петербургский монетный двор
The complex of buildings from the height of bird flight
12 Dec 1724 Peter I issued a decree, which read: "gold coin in St. Petersburg to do in the fortress", this marked the beginning of the establishment of the mint. The equipment was bought in the German city of Nuremberg, on the organization of production worked by foreign and Russian specialists. At first, the plant was in a curtain of Trubetskoy Bastion of Peter and Paul fortress, and in the current building moved only in the early nineteenth century.

Later mints in Yekaterinburg, Kolyvan, Sestroretsk, etc., and the St. Petersburg yard specializiruetsya in the production of gold and silver coins. The exception was a mass pereselenka copper coins with higher nominal value in 1762 and lower denomination in 1796 (the last is designation of the Ekaterinburg yard).

In 1807, completed the construction of a new building on Cathedral square, it is now the main building that is part of a complex of buildings. Production capacities are expanded, giving the opportunity to resume the coinage of the national copper coins.

Before the invention of the steam press almost all the work was manual, with the exception of the particularly labor-intensive processes that used horsepower. Coinage was produced screw press, and besides this there were the machines to transfer the images on the stamp, cutting out blanks, cutting edge, etc. read More about the production you can read here.

The specialists of the mint have actively participated in the design of coins produced Queen cells, cut stamps, and established equipment for other enterprises. A regional trial editions of coins made in St. Petersburg. Here over 100 years were hidden coinage of Dutch ducats for interstate settlements, famous and limited edition Turkish piastres in the early nineteenth century.

Буква Л на монетах 1991 года
The letter L on the coins of 1991
Under Catherine II the manufacture of commemorative medals, which reached its highest development. Detail picture of some medals is amazing. Under Nicholas I begins mass produced commemorative coins in honor of the most important events of the country. Scientist B. S. Jacobi, who worked at the mint, has discovered a simple method of increasing the sample of precious metals, which later began to be applied in all areas of the smelting of precious metals.

The beginning of the XX century gave the company a new type of energy – electricity. In 1914, along with renaming the city yard was renamed Petrograd. With the fall of the tsarist regime, the mint stood idle and gradually fell into decay, some of the equipment was moved inland. However, in 1921, work began to restore, and then minted coins of the Soviet sample on the preparations for the king's coins. There were made two-million copies of the first Soviet gold chervonets of 1923 and many of the test specimens. At the same time has made state awards, insignia and more. In 1924, the company changed its name to the Leningrad mint.

Буква Л на монетах 1992 года
The letter L on the coins, 1992
In 1941 in connection with the beginning of the war all the factory equipment was evacuated to Krasnokamsk. The specialists who went to the front, was engaged in the production of coins, medals and orders. The plant capacity was insignificant, so the bulk of the production had to accommodate in Moscow, where there was the Moscow mint.

In 1943, the equipment gradually return to Leningrad for mass production of the medal "For defense of Leningrad", and a few years krasnokamskiy mint reorganized paper mill for production of banknote paper. Since 1944, renewed minting of national coins.

Ahead of the Olympics in 1980 at the Leningrad mint is available the issue of coins with improved quality proof, there is a new equipment. Since the late 80s, the release of a commemorative collection coins of precious metals were not stopped. Almost all of anniversary rubles of the USSR 1965-1991 years of copper-Nickel alloy was produced in Leningrad.

Буквы С-П на монетах 1997 года
Marking on modern cents
Despite the return in 1991 the historical name of the city, the mint remained in Leningrad a few years, and the logo was replaced by a LMD SPMD only in 1997 in the preparation of the circulation coins for the forthcoming denomination.

Since 2004, the plant also specializiruetsya in the manufacture of jewelry. 2014 no longer produces coins of the regular coinage and completely have shifted to jubilee and commemorative issues, both from ordinary metals, and precious. The quality and complexity of issue product comparable with Moscow.

The designation of the mint on the coins

Эмблема СПМД на армянских дирамах
Emblem SPMD in the Armenian dirams
Immediately after the issuance of coins under Peter I were marking the yard – the abbreviation "SPB". Later there were other designations: "SPM", "SM", "SP". In the XIX – early XX century, the designation was not changed and remained the same – "SPB". The first Soviet coins silver and gold coins mentioned, only the initials of mintmaster (coinage head) – "SUBMARINE" (Petr Latyshev).

The symbol appears again in the form of the emblem from the letters "LMD" on jubilee roubles, 1975, released in honor of the 30th anniversary of the Victory. The same sign is placed on the coins of gold and silver minted for the Olympics in 1980, after which is already present on all commemorative editions of precious metals.

Эмблема СПМД на монетах 1997 года
The emblem on the coins SPMD 1997
In 1991, on coins of the regular coinage is the letter "L," including on the coins of the new sample ("putsch"). At 5 and 10 rubles were placed the emblem of the "LMD", in 1992-1993 logo was on all the coins above 5 roubles and 1994 appears on the commemorative coins of the series "50 years of Victory". Since 1997, the coins and 1 ruble is "C-P" under the hoof of the horse, the larger sign consisting of the letters "SPMC" under the paw of the eagle.

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