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The value of the coins

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Perhaps everyone who at least once kept in the hands of collector's coins, or just saw with my own eyes, and was interested in their value. For some, it is caused by curiosity, others want to sell, others want to buy copies for his collection. The evaluation of a coin is a complex process, but with the right approach in most cases this can be done independently, without the help of professionals.

What you need to know to determine the cost

First, note that not the market sets the price, and demand. The more demand and less offer, the more will be the cost. To determine these parameters in relation to the coins you should use following criteria:

1 рубль 1913
Rouble "300 years Romanov"
1. The degree of rarity. Determines the rarity of coins, that is the main criterion of its collectible importance. Even ancient copies minted millions of copies, are unlikely to be very popular due to the large supply in the market. Another thing specimens are known in quantities of 5-10 pieces. If the circulation can be found in various sources of information, to understand what part of it has reached our time is very difficult. Here we must consider the history of treatment, possible peraccini, remelting, wear. Among collectors by common efforts it is almost all determined for each coin, and therefore sufficient to refer to the forum or view the catalog. In different directories, the degree of rarity may differ, so it is advisable to compare data from different sources.

2. Demand. Little effect on the cost (maximum 1.5-2 times), but for some instances may be critical. For example, such as the ruble coins "300th anniversary of Romanov" or other well-known are more popular, so the demand for them is higher. This includes the beauty of the coins, its an interesting story.

Полтина 1762
Coin in this condition no longer has the collection value
3. The condition of the coins. It is customary to define on the international scale, consisting of 10 criteria, with lettering: UNC, AU, XF, VF, F, VG, G, AG, FA, PR. Where UNC perfect condition, the coin without a scratch and traces of treatment; PR – coin is in an awful state or with a hole. The rest is intermediate. The cost between any consecutive criteria differ about 2 times, that is, XF AU will be cheaper in 2 times, and AG is cheaper VF 16 times. For especially rare coins, the difference can be 3 or more times, for a modern 1.5 times. VF is the condition of most of the coins from circulation. Sometimes the condition is determined by the Sheldon scale, where 70 is perfect (UNC), and 1 is the lowest (PR). The lowest condition usually diminishes the value of almost zero. Recommendations for self-definition condition. Coin collector's execution (proof, prooflike, BU, UNC improved) in not perfect condition can strongly lose in the price, including due to improper storage conditions.

5 копеек 1785
Nice condition for a copper coin Imperial time
4. Metal. No matter how rare a coin, the value of the metal will simply be added to its value as a collectable. For copper coins, as well as other low-value metals to ignore. For gold and silver coins, this parameter can be critical, especially for large-circulation of copies of Nicholas II. The test determines the percentage of the precious metal, i.e. coin, metal 900 sample, only 90% of the weight will be the precious metal, the rest is normal. For a rare gold, worth hundreds of thousands, the price of the metal will have defining value.

5. Variety. Setting is not always. There are some really popular kinds that you should check your coins. Those of them who can be distinguished only by a specialist, usually have collectible value only for raznovich, that is, a special contingent of collectors that make up a small percentage. They prefer not to buy coins, and look for their brute force. In catalogues the main types are mapped to the first parameter (the degree of rarity) and are expressed as a single value.

6. A manufacturing defect. Is of interest only in relation to the modern and Soviet coins. And, as in the case of varieties that are in demand only well-marked, easily distinguishable marriage. In other cases, the marriage only reduces the cost. Do not confuse the damage caused after the release of the coin from the minting press with the marriage. You will likely need to show the coin experts on the forum. By the way, according to the Sheldon coin with a marriage can not be considered perfect, its status is reduced to 60-65.

7. Authenticity. If the coin is a copy, that will cancel any pre-defined price. Therefore, authenticity is the most important parameter. Typically, to determine you want to compare the fine detail with the original, so this task is only for experienced collectors. Copies of the common coins usually do, and when you buy rare instances require expert opinion.

The dependence of the value of the condition:

MarkingSheldonFeatureHow many times the price is lower than at UNC
UNC66-70Perfect coin with no circulation, and without the smallest scratches, fingerprints, dirt1
AU (aUNC)60-65Coin without a trace of circulation, but with traces of storage in the bag (bag)1,5-2
XF40-59A very attractive coin from circulation, with slightly smoothed elements2,5-5
VF20-35Markedly flattened parts of the figure, a small dirt plaque. Average condition for modern coins from circulation, the main for the Imperial coins8
F12-15Partially erased letters, strongly smoothed pattern, or one or two deep scratches. Bad condition is for modern, good for pre-Petrine and ancient coins16
VG8-10Deleted the details, but the silhouettes are recognized. This also includes coins with several deep scratches25-40
G4-6Details read bad, but still recognized without increasing50-70
AG3The details can be recognized only partly, the coin is determined by the comparison with similar100-200, the price of the metal
FA2The details are so erased that determine a coin only when compared with similar or directoriesthe price of the metal or 0
PR (Poor)1The details are not recognized at all, or the coin is severely deformed (the hole visible bend)the price of the metal or 0

The ways to determine pricing

The use of the directories. If You have to resort to the evaluation of coins, you can purchase a directory of interest period. Russian coins there are catalogs of pre-Petrine coins of the Imperial period, the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation. For commemorative and jubilee can use electronic versions, they generally, on time updated and updated. Note that paper catalogs are much more accurate. This also applies to any other electronic periodicals are not always subjected to timely audit.

10 рублей ЯНАО
Modern coin high cost
Catalogues of the coins are of two types: explicit indication of the prices in rubles or other currencies, as well as more professional – indicating only the degree of a rarity. First can quickly become obsolete due to frequent price changes. For example, the price range depending on condition from year to year may increase, and very significantly. Here it is necessary to include inflation, which collection material is expensive, although this is not true for all instances. Directories indicating the degree of rarity is almost obsolete, and relevant even after 50 years, if by this time in the field of numismatics has not been major changes. For example, such as gathering boom observed over the past 10 years. The degree of rarity should be compared with the price of coin rarities, and to determine the prices for the desired instance.

In conclusion, you need to consider the demand for coins, metal and variety. The last two can be considered a directory. Then determine the condition and multiply the resulting amount.

Монета Ивана Грозного
Coin of Ivan the terrible in average condition
Viewing passes to the auction, market research. The bulk of the coins sold in electronic shops and online auctions. You can just find the price at which the sell is interested in the coin, but you need to consider the minimum price of which to be average. Maximum sentences can be caused by the reluctance of sellers to study the market, or where the wrong information (as in the case with 2 and 10 rubles Gagarin). Overpriced no one experienced collector will not buy. It is advisable to visit collections, exhibitions.

Ask question on the forum. The easiest way to know the real price, because users of numismatic forums are usually the collectors have at their disposal the necessary directories and experience. You can visit the forum of our website, after registering. To the question, you must attach a quality photo of both sides of the coin, and it is better to photograph the edge (edge). Not superfluous to specify the dimensions, weight (real, not taken anywhere for similar coins), the story of the appearance in Your collection. If there is suspicion of a marriage or a variant, select the specific location to be easily found. Place the only question in the appropriate section of the forum and do not duplicate the same questions in different themes. On our website you have already created the appropriate threads, add new ones is not necessary.

The article used user photos site: Andreyp, Монета100, TheMax_2M, Admin.

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